Smacking Evil Around

Session 1

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The Party:
Harvey – Paladin
Elf Girl – Druid
Woodsy – Elf Ranger
Mage Boy – Human Wizard

I knew it was going to be along day, my first full day outside the monestary in 17 years. The day before the abbot told me that I needed to “spread my wings” and experience the world I am bound to protect. Having only a day to prepare myself I gathered my minimal goods and bade farewell to my few friends. With the dawn I was up, performed my morning prayers, gatherd my gear and made my way down the mountain to the village below. Once there I espyed a flyer adertising work for the local nobility. I gathered the details and made my way to the Earl’s castle. Along the way I unintentionally assembled a large group of folowers, all apparently headed to the same job as me.

I gained entry to the castle and proceeded to the main hall, where the Earl was in court. He described wicked villans on the road waylaying helpless merchants, robbing and killing as they went. The Earl was desirous of a team of fighters to clear the roa of evil so honest people could traverse in safety. He proposed terms of some monetary reward in return for weekly patrols of the road. The mission would be to prevent attacks if possible, discover the source of the raids, stop them and recover the stolen goods.

The Earl took his leave and left us in the care of his senechal. The funtionary offered us the pick of his stores, which many of us did to provision ourselves for the journey. Thus equipped we set off to walk the road for a week. After only a couple of hours we came upon the reamins of a simple farm family, their wagon broken, horse and goods stolen, and lifeblood spilled. The elf girl spoke with a creature of the forest who described the attackers and the event. Without further delay we set off in pursuit of the brigands.

After a short trek we came upon a hill with a cave guarded by two short creatures, the trail from the ambush leading right to the cave. Woodsy let loose two arrows, striking down the creatures. We advanced to and into the caves. Once in we quickly encountered a room full of goblins and fell to. As I wacked about with my longsword, the elf girl layed to with her scimitar, Woodsy shot the elf girl in the arm, for some reason. It was a mightly fray, the elf girls and myself taking wounds but we prevailed, dispatching all the enemies. I watched the door while my compatriots searched for survivors.

That done we continued into the beasts’ lair. We came across a stor room with two of the vile little creatures facing away from the door arguing loudly. I approached them from behind and tapped one on the sholder. He ignored my first couple of attempts but finally turned to face us. When he did turn, the color drained from his face and he got the attention of his compatriot who turned to face us. His comrade reached for his weapon, so I dispatched him. I tried to get the other to draw his, but he was unwilling. I summoned Woodsy to deal with our prisoner, I not speaking its language.

The party searched the room while I guarded the door. Finding naught, we moved on. Our next stop was in the kitchen wherein the goblins were roasting the farmer’s horse on a spit. I watched the door while the rest of the party investigated the room. From out behind the horse emerged a monsterous goblin with a cleaver and wearing an apron. Once again we set to and dispatched the creature.

Session02(To be continued)



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