Smacking Evil Around

Session 3

I pushed the gate open and noticed a yellow greenish mist covering the ground of the plague cemetery. The mage sent his bird up to reconnoiter. He reported that the cemetery was a large rectangular area, with a wooded slope on the back side. As we watched the mist slowly expanded rising to cover the headstones. The rising of the mist was followed by the sounds of creaking and cracking, familiar from our recent fight with the skeletons. Woodsy observed that there were eight of the foul beasts, maybe. I decided to fight them in the opening in the gate, so I began banging the hilt of my sword on the edge of my shield, to no avail. We briefly debated moving on, but we could not leave this pit of evil, so we would stay and fight.

I entered the grave yard and immediately began to cough. I engaged two skeletons; they returned the favor, but despite the furor, there was no effect on either side. I took a step back and was followed by the pair. I crumble one while the other swung and missed. I took another step back, the beast followed and we exchange swings, I missed he did not. As I stepped back two more emerged from the mist. We exchanged swings again, also to no effect. I crushed another as it stumbled, and his compatriots missed me. I destroyed another as his last comrade took a wild swing. I stepped back again and lost my foe in the mist. I stepped in again and found them again, shattered one, step back. On my way one took a swing but missed. I attacked and missed as two more move in from the mist, swing and miss. I stepped back again, thru the gate and the skeletons ground to a halt, just out of my reach. We discussed how to proceed and came up with no better solutions. I took a swig from a potion and stepped back into the fray.

I shattered one with a massive swing, the other two swung and missed. Two swung at me one of whom hits, I failed to connect in reply. Another round of fighting lead to one more down, and none touched me. With a yell of “back to hell” I destroyed the last. My shout was followed by an answering shout in some guttural language. I answered the challenge by moving forward to engage the summoner. In a fit of fairness, I issued a warning to my foes to run; as if they remained I would destroy them. They apparently did not understand as they continued to spew their filth. My comrades followed me as the mist receded back into the ground.

Woodsy loosed an arrow, terrifying the surrounding woodlands, but not overly disturbing our foes, a goblin wizard of some sort with two bodyguards. The elf girl went left as I went right. Woodsy shot again and missed. The elf girl engaged her goblin and skewered him. I, for my part dueled with mine. Woodsy managed to put an arrow into the shaman, while I continued to fence with my goblin. The mage evoked a bolt of flame, striking the shaman soundly. The elf girl having dispatched her foe came to engage mine. I continued to distract him, helping the elf girl to approach him unnoticed. The shaman engaged Woodsy and missed. Woodsy responded with a stinging cut to the shaman felling him. The elf girl moved to get into position. My foe missed me opening a shot for me.

I was then convinced a protective spell was upon my foe, rendering him mystically invulnerable as my sword flew from my hands into the tree behind me. The elf girl further proved my supposition, swinging her blade at the goblin and lodging her weapon soundly in the same tree as mine. The mage searched the shaman madly for the protective talisman preventing us from dispatching our foe. Woodsy grabbed his bow. I continued to dodge blows from my devious foe. I used the opportunity presented by his clumsy swing to kick him in the ribs, obviously the mage found the talisman. The elf girl swung and missed, Woodsy shot and missed, my foe missed, even both the elf girl and I missed with our kicks. Woodsy ended the fight with a well-placed arrow, the spell broken by the mage’s actions. I retrieved both my and the elf girl’s sword from the tree. Woodsy looted the guards while I stood guard.

We headed back to the building to rest and recover. Having the least to do and the most needing of rest, I took a nap. When I awoke hours later, the mage revealed a letter he recovered from the shaman indicating a trap for us and a camp further up the hill. We discuss how to proceed, and decide to push forward. We proceeded back up the hill, Woodsy recovering his arrows and the raven feasting on eyeballs. We continue the long trek up the hill, eventually hearing voices from ahead. We took cover and the mage sent his bird up to scout. The bird reported thru the mage that the camp contained four human sized tents and four hobgoblins arrayed around a fire.

We planned our assault. I would circle to the right, being the loudest of the group and the best able to survive a head on assault. The mage would follow me, backing me up with mystic force. He would send his bird up to distract the hobs with squawking. The other two would circle left, the archer laying down fire while the elf girl would jump into the fray. We executed our plan, but the bird immediately drew the fire of the laughing hobs. The mage ordered him off and we sprung into action. The elf girl lit them up with her strange glowing effect. I moved in, defiladed by the tents. The mage shot a mystic bolt into one in the rear and Woodsy shot another. These beasts are the luckiest I’ve encountered as I trip on a guy wire as I moved in.

The elf girl missed her swing, the mage shot another bolt of force. Woodsy shot at some target far off in the distance, despite closer targets. The one on the girl dropped his sling and pulled his sword. Another loosed a bullet at Woodsy while another slung lead at the mage. The one in front of me kicked out and connected with my helm. The elf girl managed to penetrate the hobgoblin’s defenses, bleeding the hob as a result. I stood up violently, burying my head in the hob’s groin. The mage loosed another bolt of force at his target and downed him. Woodsy continued to engage another, unseen target in the far distance, with unknown effect. The one in-front of me swung, weakly from the pain in his manhood. The remaining hobs attack, each attacks us but failed to connect. The elf girl received a blow, not fatal, but significant on her frail frame.

In response the elf girl hit her foe, giving it a major wound. I thrust my sword thru the hob’s body and moved on to engage the elf girl’s foe. The mage moved forward to help. Woodsy shoot his target, further weakening it. The elf girl swung and missed, the mage stabbed and his hand slipped onto the blade of his dagger. Woodsy finished his foe with a shaft between the eyes. I reached to spin the hob around to face me, but did not get a firm enough purchase on his rough garb. The hob hit the elf girl and she fell, already weak from her previous injury. It followed thru with a vicious cut, and scored another mark on me. We flailed ineffectually at the surviving hobgoblin till the mage delivered the killing blow.

I immediately stooped down to lay hands on the fallen druid while the mage feed her a potion. I stood guard while they searched. Woodsy found a human corpse in leather armor under tarp, the mage came up with a bag of mystic internal dimension and a small vial of oil. The human corpse had an exceptional shield which I secured for myself. The others arrayed the armor and hobgoblin equipment around my pack. We searched the area and found a steak with a rope attached descending down the cliff face. No sooner had we made this discovery than we heard the sound of an approaching troop of goblins coming up the trail in our direction.
(To be continued)

Session 2

Having killed the “chef” I continued to guard the door while my companions searched the room for evidenceof the raiders, prisoners, or stolen goods.

That task complete, we proceeded into the hall, first checking the rockfall at the end of the facing corridor. Once the rest were done exploring the pile of rocks, we moved out to the north, following the last obvious route. The hall ended in a door, which woodsy moved forward to investigate. He listened and said he heard four voices from the other side. I took the opportunity to make an entrance. I kicked in the door and revealed a hobgoblin and four goblins. I moved into position and waited. The elvish girl did something with her hands and all the beasties started to glow. Woodsy shot and missed, the mage shot a glowing bolt out of his finger tips and slammed it into the scrawny looking robed one. I use the distraction to whack one on the head, making its eyes cross, but the tough little bugger kept swinging.

The elf girl flailed ineffectually while Woodsy shot and killed the robed one. The mage boy backed off, probably doing something strategic and mystical. The hob barked something and slipped out of the room. The dazed goblin in front of me swung and missed, as did all of his comrades. I finish off the little tyke while the elf girl continues to distract hers. Woodsy shoots and feathers another, not dropping him this time, while the mage circled around, like I said strategic and mystical. My armor and the elf girl’s flailing were doing their trick, as the last two goblins missed us, but they quickly paid for their ineptitude as I killed one and the mage the other, the elf girl continuing to flail about wildly.

Our remaining foes dispatched, I pushed aside the tapestry to reveal an alcove, a ladder and a trap door above. I stood guard whilst my team searched for clues. The result of their effrots were coin, a book and some maps. That done I climbed the ladder, dagger in my teeth, ready to meet my end to a foul goblin trap. I encountered some resistance in lifting the door, but Kord was with me and I heaved a mighty heave, loosing the vial set in ambush for us. The flask fell dousing my companions in noxious liquid, which I avoided due to my height above the floor.

The mage sent his bird to scout while the they ascended the ladder to the fresh air above. The elf girl and woodsy found the hob’s trail leading off to the distance. We took off after him, the bird spotting him from afar. We followed for an hour right up to the edge of a ruined abbey. We decided it was time to return to the Earl to report. We returned to the road andtraveledback to the Earl’s court, arriving in a few days. We reported back to the Senechal and were gifted with a few healing potions. We refreshed our stocks of supplies, now low from travel,receivedour wages and were left to our own devices while the Earl’s men studied the fruits of our labors.

Woodsy began to inquire with some shady fellows while I donated my earnings to the temple. Best to keep an eye on woodsy.

The Senechal sent a party out to study the caves and recover the goods. the result of all that analysis led him to send us to investigate the abbey. He seemed much more tense then before, best to keep an eye on the Senechal. Oh and he did not give our map back, not to self, get some map making supplies so we can give them copies.

We headed back out, good to be back on the road, fighting evil and such. We returned to the den, following the cart tracks, the vile creature’s lair now picked clean by the Earl’s men, a strangesymmetryin that. We re-investigate the rock fall, still finding nothing. We repeated our path thru the trap door and into the woods back to the abbey. We sat and watched a day and a night observing thecomingsand goings. Eventually we approached and I promptly fell in a pit, Woodsy pulled me out.

The court of the abbey was decorated with an old style font (Helvecata?) filled with water. Across the columned yard was a wall with a door. I guarded the door while my team searched the strange fountain (maybe Goudy). That task complete I opened the door to a camp site and five feasting rats. The elf girl addressed the rats and they told her that some “smelly ones” left food when they left thu the opposite door. We left some food in the court yard and swapped places with the rats. I guarded the opposite door while my party searched the camp site.

When they finished I opened the door to six skeletons. I promptly shut the door. We armed ourselves with water from the font and readied ourselves back at the door. When I opened the elf girl and I threw and missed while woodsy and the mage threw and hit. It turned out oursuspicionswere correct and the water was indeed holy as the skeletons began to smoke where hit with the fluid. I waded in, weaving a complex defense, the elf girl does the same, the mage waited and Woodsy shot and missed. In return one hit me the rest missed.

I swung and crushed one, the elf girl did the glowing thing again. The mage pulled his book from his pack, he must have been bored. Woodsy shot one and dropped it. In return one hit me the others missed. I responded with a massive blow, crumbling it to dust. The rest was noise and fury till I tagged another one. There was more flailing till I crushed the last of the skeletons.

With the undead back to dust we explored thecemetery. We found a 10 foot gate witha new lock decorated with a skull and crossbones indicating a grave yard for plaguevictims. Woodsy opened the lock.
Session03(To be continued)

Session 1
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The Party:
Harvey – Paladin
Elf Girl – Druid
Woodsy – Elf Ranger
Mage Boy – Human Wizard

I knew it was going to be along day, my first full day outside the monestary in 17 years. The day before the abbot told me that I needed to “spread my wings” and experience the world I am bound to protect. Having only a day to prepare myself I gathered my minimal goods and bade farewell to my few friends. With the dawn I was up, performed my morning prayers, gatherd my gear and made my way down the mountain to the village below. Once there I espyed a flyer adertising work for the local nobility. I gathered the details and made my way to the Earl’s castle. Along the way I unintentionally assembled a large group of folowers, all apparently headed to the same job as me.

I gained entry to the castle and proceeded to the main hall, where the Earl was in court. He described wicked villans on the road waylaying helpless merchants, robbing and killing as they went. The Earl was desirous of a team of fighters to clear the roa of evil so honest people could traverse in safety. He proposed terms of some monetary reward in return for weekly patrols of the road. The mission would be to prevent attacks if possible, discover the source of the raids, stop them and recover the stolen goods.

The Earl took his leave and left us in the care of his senechal. The funtionary offered us the pick of his stores, which many of us did to provision ourselves for the journey. Thus equipped we set off to walk the road for a week. After only a couple of hours we came upon the reamins of a simple farm family, their wagon broken, horse and goods stolen, and lifeblood spilled. The elf girl spoke with a creature of the forest who described the attackers and the event. Without further delay we set off in pursuit of the brigands.

After a short trek we came upon a hill with a cave guarded by two short creatures, the trail from the ambush leading right to the cave. Woodsy let loose two arrows, striking down the creatures. We advanced to and into the caves. Once in we quickly encountered a room full of goblins and fell to. As I wacked about with my longsword, the elf girl layed to with her scimitar, Woodsy shot the elf girl in the arm, for some reason. It was a mightly fray, the elf girls and myself taking wounds but we prevailed, dispatching all the enemies. I watched the door while my compatriots searched for survivors.

That done we continued into the beasts’ lair. We came across a stor room with two of the vile little creatures facing away from the door arguing loudly. I approached them from behind and tapped one on the sholder. He ignored my first couple of attempts but finally turned to face us. When he did turn, the color drained from his face and he got the attention of his compatriot who turned to face us. His comrade reached for his weapon, so I dispatched him. I tried to get the other to draw his, but he was unwilling. I summoned Woodsy to deal with our prisoner, I not speaking its language.

The party searched the room while I guarded the door. Finding naught, we moved on. Our next stop was in the kitchen wherein the goblins were roasting the farmer’s horse on a spit. I watched the door while the rest of the party investigated the room. From out behind the horse emerged a monsterous goblin with a cleaver and wearing an apron. Once again we set to and dispatched the creature.

Session02(To be continued)


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